20 Nov 2013 08:19am

GEW 2013: Women in business

Last week Opportunity Now launched a major study into why women’s careers stall in their 30s. The study is calling on 100,000 women to share their career stories to help big businesses better understand why pay gaps and other workplace inequalities appear

What the survey fails to review (in my humble opinion) is why women choose to start their own businesses and if they feel that they fare better once they make the leap to self-employment.

The survey got me thinking about women I’ve met over the years and the fact that we’ve rarely, if ever, discussed glass ceilings in the entrepreneurship/start-up space. What we do talk about is how best to grow our businesses so they are successful and can operate without us having to be cook, cleaner and bottlewasher (there’s an irony in that statement somewhere) and how we create high growth, high potential businesses that will one day become well-known and loved brands.

Following on from my tech picks yesterday - and in homage to Women’s Enterprise Day – I’m featuring three women and their high growth, high potential businesses. I’m confident they’re set for the big time and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Erika BrodnockErika Brodnock, Chief Superhero at Karisma Kidz


Karisma Kidz is a digital platform that enables children to identify and manage their emotions in a fun and engaging way. Erica and her team are using the power of play to develop children’s emotional health skills, which then enhances their ability to learn and behave better. So far they’ve been selected to join the Wayra UnLtd Accelerator programme and they have plans to develop a television format and branded toys.


Zoe Penden, Co-founder of Insane LogicZoe Pendon


Insane Logic is an award winning social enterprise providing proven educational software and tools to help children and adults communicate more effectively.

 Zoe is also helping shape the debate about social investment and how deals between investors and social businesses can be better facilitated. Insane Logic’s first product is MyChoicePad, with apps and games currently on the market this business is one that’s going to take-off quickly.


Elizabeth VarleyElizabeth Varley, Co-founder and CEO of TechHub


TechHub is a network bringing together the global technology startup community, in London, Riga, Manchester, Bucharest and soon to be followed by other countries around the world. Elizabeth has been an advocate of tech startups and women in tech for the last few years and her network of Hubs is creating space for entrepreneurs to come together to develop game changing technology businesses.

Who knows, Elizabeth might be playing host to the next Google or Facebook.


Natalie CampbellNatalie Campbell is founder and director of  A Very Good Company


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