4 Oct 2018 10:40am

As I see it: Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat

Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat can now add ACA to the PhD after her name, having passed the exam through ICAEW’s Pathways to Membership scheme

As I see it: Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat 630
Caption: Photography by Aaron Joel Stantos

I began to see my career direction when I studied accountancy at the Bachelor’s degree level. When I worked as a science policy researcher at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Thailand, I was interested in the role of academia in the national innovation system – the process of university technology transfer and commercialisation. My boss supported me by giving me permission to transfer to the education/academic sector.

It’s a pleasure to help the young generation learn. I am a professor in the Technology Management Program at Thammasat University (I became a professor within the shortest time on record). I help them apply finance and accounting to technology management.

My research interest is innovation in finance. It is interesting to see technological disruption in the financial services industry. Non-banks compete with banks using technology to gain a competitive advantage. Technology is going to disrupt the academic sector because a physical university will no longer be necessary.

I was the only person from South East Asia to work for Boston University in America with top-ranked publications in Management of Technology and Technology Innovation Management. I am a visiting professor there. I was recently named as one of the top 15 most productive authors of journals in blockchain technology research worldwide. In Thailand I am helping set up various venture capital funds to support technology-based firms.

I studied the ACA because being a member of ICAEW means an entry into the world of highly qualified accountants where I can apply the knowledge of accountancy to every business. For example, pricing intellectual property-based innovations or technology auditing.