6 Sep 2019 09:12am

As I see it: Khuram Javed

Khuram Javed, managing partner at DKR Chartered Accountants, explains why he made the decision to set up his own practice in the Midlands

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Caption: Photography by David Severn

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER my parents wanted me to become a pilot. I remember telling a teacher I wanted to drive a fire engine when I grew up. I didn’t pursue a career in aviation – my parents aren’t too disappointed though.

A CAREER IN TECH WASN’T FOR ME. I enjoyed the mathematical aspects of my computer science degree and then while studying for my Masters I got to know about the accounting profession and became certain I wanted to work in practice and study for the ACA. I remember a tutor at Kaplan saying: “You cannot predict the exam questions, therefore just make sure you know everything”.

WHEN YOU HAVE TARGETS and deadlines you need to maintain a high level of professional integrity in your work. I keep interested and mentally focused by asking for and working on assignments that other people steer clear of. This has defined my career as I have been able to use these experiences in my own practice.

OBTAINING A PRACTICE certificate was when I felt proudest. I have always known that I wanted to work for myself and help people. I was grateful to God that I could finally use my own experience, understanding and technical ability to make a difference to businesses and individuals.

I COME FROM AN ENTREPRENEURIAL background. Given the community I come from and the vast number of friends and family who had successful businesses, it was inevitable I would act for them one day. I knew if I worked for myself, I would have the opportunity to carry out business advisory and this was what drove me to set up in practice. With risks there is also huge reward. The key to success is to ensure a quality service and invest in training.

THE MIDLANDS STRUGGLES with low income levels and for retailers this has meant lower revenue and lack of funds to invest. On the upside there is a resilience within business owners in the region and a spirit of survival that gives it strength and energy.