NatWest 15 Jun 2018 10:32am

NatWest Spotlight Sessions

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Spotlight Sessions

This week on the Hub, business expert Mary Portas hosts her latest Spotlight Session, a series of interviews taking on a range of key topics affecting businesses. With insight from a panel of industry experts and key players in British business, these sessions get to the heart of these issues with practical guidance for SMEs.

In the series, we explore how to keep your business safe, the best marketing techniques, tips on exporting, managing your business’s cashflow and HR.

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Spotlight Sessions: security

Half of all SMEs were affected by some kind of cyber attack last year, and a lack of staff understanding remains a key contributor to this. In this Spotlight Session, security experts break down some of the concerns holding businesses back and offer simple steps to keep organisations safe and to help prevent security breaches and cyber attacks.

On the panel:

Carmina Lees, Director, Accenture

Kiran Bhagotra, founder, ProtectBox

Tim Sadler,co-founder and CEO of Tessian

Watch the video here.

Spotlight Sessions: marketing

Marketing your brand is crucial for business success, and there are many different routes to take. From increasing your reach through the use of social media to working with a limited budget, the experts share insight from their marketing experiences, and offer advice for SMEs hoping to get their marketing strategies right.

On the panel:

Matt Mears, founder of Temple Cycles

Nat Cummins, managing director of Zenith

Cassandra Stavrou, co-founder of Propercorn

Nishma Robb, marketing director at Google

Watch the video here.

Spotlight Sessions: Exporting

International business is a rich untapped market yet only one in five SMEs currently export overseas. Strategy, market research, establishing your presence in international markets and managing staff abroad: small business owners share how they successfully launched to global markets.

On the panel:

Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bicycle

David Salter, head of funded trade finance at NatWest

Jennifer Chan and Jen Hoang, founders and directors of Stitch & Story

Gurdeep Singh Bath, director of exports at Perfection Foods

Watch the video here.

Spotlight Sessions: Finance

Every business will have periods of positive and negative cash flows; it’s how you manage these peaks and troughs that will determine the sustainability of your business. Experts share their tips on good cash-flow forecasting to help make sure the money never runs out.

On the panel:

Luke Johnstone, co-founder and CEO, Pack’d

Karen Holden, founder and managing director, A City Law Firm

Aron Gelbard, co-founder and CEO, Bloom & Wild

Yvonne Greeves, head of Women in Business, NatWest

Watch the video here.