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Artificial intelligence: learning through error

The development of artificial intelligence relies upon a higher tolerance towards errors

7 September 2017
Technology and business

How artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing accounting

While AI offers an enormous potential to automate an accountant’s uncreative tasks, it is still the (human) accountant’s responsibility to do the creative work

17 August 2017

Career clinic: how to cope with artificial intelligence

Mark Freebairn on how finance professionals need to box clever to deal with AI

7 April 2017

AI sector to get £17m funding boost

Government announces plans to focus on robotics and artificial intelligence in its digital strategy

27 February 2017

How AI will impact accounting

Oliver Griffin asks whether the technology is cause for concern, or a new avenue

6 October 2016

The competition with robots

Can the human workforce compete with the threat of automation?

5 October 2017

As I see it: Moshe Vardi

Moshe Vardi is one of the world’s leading experts on artificial intelligence

5 September 2017

AI won’t solve every accountancy problem, says ICAEW

Still a role for profession but must be “agile and flexible” enough to harness AI’s potential

30 June 2017

How AI will impact the world of work

Amy Duff discovers how industries are reacting to the seismic technological changes around them

25 May 2017

Another Silicon Valley coup for EY

Big Four firm appoints one of world’s leading experts on machine learning and AI to global innovation team

30 May 2017

Showing 10 of 75 items