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Two-fifths of audits fail in standards inspection

Nearly 400 audit inspections found to have at least on significant failure in relation to audit standards

12 March 2018

KPMG, Deloitte and BDO fined for improper audits

The case involves KPMG in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Deloitte Zimbabwe and BDO Canada

14 March 2018

ISA 540: Estimation unknown

Changes to accounting and auditing standards don’t take place in a vacuum and the proposed changes to ISA 540 is a clear example of this

5 October 2017

A question of ethics

The new FRC Ethical Standard may raise more questions than it answers

20 July 2016

Weighing up changes to IAASB standards

As the IAASB considers whether changes are required to international standards for agreed-upon procedures, how does this affect accountants undertaking such engagements?

27 July 2017

SEC charges KPMG and PCAOB accountants over stolen data

Six former KPMG auditors and PCAOB inspectors to face regulatory and criminal charges

23 January 2018

The Nordic Audit

Should the UK adopt seperate audit standards for SMEs?

4 November 2015

Profession criticises new audit proposals

Proposals from the Joint Monitoring Group to remove international audit and ethical standard-setting met with resistance

15 February 2018

Grant Thornton director joins FRC

FRC appoints Josephine Jackson as advisor to its director of audit policy

8 April 2014

US watchdog slates standard of broker-dealer audits

PCAOB says auditors still breaking independence rules and failing to improve audit flaws

29 June 2017

Showing 10 of 946 items