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Practice Q&A: IES 8, GDPR, and payment services regulations

ICAEW experts tackle questions on the required changes due to IES 8, the GDPR and the Payment Services Regulations 2017

5 June 2018

BDO Spain fined over porn company audits

Firm repeatedly failed to exercise professional care and scepticism over audits of US porn company

27 September 2017

Weighing up changes to IAASB standards

As the IAASB considers whether changes are required to international standards for agreed-upon procedures, how does this affect accountants undertaking such engagements?

27 July 2017

Deloitte resigns from Linklaters audit

PwC will replace its Big Four rival after a professional negligence claim by former Arsenal shareholder Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith

21 hours ago

Will increasing competition actually help audit?

Can we really expect more rigorous audits by simply reducing the risk of conflict by increasing competition?

25 June 2018

Breaking up is hard to do, say auditors

WPC chair Frank Field slams the Big Four for failing to entertain his suggestion that they need to be broken up

5 days ago

Accounting for micro-entities

Auditors are worried that opinions for the smallest company audits might not pass the Ronseal test

5 June 2018

Large firms fall foul of PCAOB inspectors

PCAOB finds serious faults in audits done by member firms of the world’s largest accountancy networks

14 December 2017

Three former KPMG partners face lengthy prison sentences

If found guilty, three former KPMG US partners accused of using leaked data about audit inspections could go to prison for up to 85 years

24 January 2018

Opening the black box of audit

What does the UK’s trailblazing experience in extended auditor reports mean for the future of audit reporting?

8 January 2018

Showing 10 of 488 items