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Assessing audit effectiveness

William Touche at Deloitte asks how audit committees will assess the effectiveness of the external audit process

30 October 2013

Profession criticises new audit proposals

Proposals from the Joint Monitoring Group to remove international audit and ethical standard-setting met with resistance

15 February 2018

Weighing up changes to IAASB standards

As the IAASB considers whether changes are required to international standards for agreed-upon procedures, how does this affect accountants undertaking such engagements?

27 July 2017

A day in the life

Sarah Mudd on life, and internal auditing, at The Donkey Sanctuary

7 December 2016

Changing bank audit requirements

What will new requirements from the PRA entail?

5 March 2015

Watching the watchdog

Caroline Biebuyck examines whether audit's system of self regulation is really working

3 July 2012

More transparency

ICAEW Financial Services Faculty report claims public confidence has been damaged

30 April 2012

Why we should widen the scope of audit

There is no shortage of questions about the conduct of the audit process, but less substance over how to move forward, says Michael Izza

2 June 2017

The Nordic Audit

Should the UK adopt seperate audit standards for SMEs?

4 November 2015

Big Four auditor independence suffers from alumni effect

Research finds cosy relationship between Big Four auditors and former audit partners turned CFOs

16 February 2018

Showing 10 of 900 items