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Getting to grips with audit quality

The accounting regulator is calling on firms to improve their audit quality control procedures. But how do stakeholders know if a quality audit has been delivered?

1 June 2017

FRC criticises “unacceptable” quality of KPMG audits

KPMG has been singled out by the UK accountancy watchdog and will now face greater scrutiny

19 June 2018

Debate: Audit rotation

Will mandatory rotation negatively affect quality

5 September 2014

Profession commits to audit quality in the US

The big six firms in the US have come together to reassure stakeholders that audit quality remains “imperative”

27 July 2018

Keeping an eye on audit quality

The important messages on audit quality for firms of all sizes

2 March 2016

Breaking up is hard to do, say auditors

WPC chair Frank Field slams the Big Four for failing to entertain his suggestion that they need to be broken up

12 July 2018

FRC done nothing to improve audit market competition, says BDO

BDO thinks the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has failed as a regulator and is calling for it to be split in two

26 minutes ago

Audit rotation’s impact on quality

Former FTSE 100 CFO discusses how audit rotation has affected the profession

26 November 2015

Measuring the value of audit

Accurately measuring audit quality a key issue at economia/KPMG roundtable

18 July 2014

KPMG chairman defends "proper" Carillion audit

Bill Michael, KPMG UK chairman, says, “we conducted a proper audit” on collapsed Carillion

31 January 2018

Showing 10 of 642 items