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A guiding hand

There’s plenty of help from ICAEW to assist members with ongoing and growing business lines

7 December 2016

Deep pockets

Proposals for tougher fines for audit misconduct at public interest entities raise some worrying questions

27 July 2012

Top firms must explain materiality judgments better

The FRC worries that differences in the way audit firms assess materiality can lead to different audit conclusions

13 December 2017

New rules for reporting accountants

The ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty is revising its guidance

26 March 2012

Assessing audit effectiveness

William Touche at Deloitte asks how audit committees will assess the effectiveness of the external audit process

30 October 2013

Profession criticises new audit proposals

Proposals from the Joint Monitoring Group to remove international audit and ethical standard-setting met with resistance

15 February 2018

Big Four auditor independence suffers from alumni effect

Research finds cosy relationship between Big Four auditors and former audit partners turned CFOs

16 February 2018

ISA 540: Estimation unknown

Changes to accounting and auditing standards don’t take place in a vacuum and the proposed changes to ISA 540 is a clear example of this

5 October 2017

FRC's ARD measures welcomed

Though measures are expected to add “significant complexity” for business

29 April 2016

A question of ethics

The new FRC Ethical Standard may raise more questions than it answers

20 July 2016

Showing 10 of 266 items