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KPMG South Africa's leadership resigns over Gupta scandal

Most of the senior management at the Big Four firm’s South Africa business has quit over the deepening Gupta scandal

15 September 2017

Top firms must explain materiality judgments better

The FRC worries that differences in the way audit firms assess materiality can lead to different audit conclusions

13 December 2017

Big Four auditor independence suffers from alumni effect

Research finds cosy relationship between Big Four auditors and former audit partners turned CFOs

5 days ago

FRC wants more scope after HBoS investigation

The watchdog admitted it should have acted faster in its KPMG probe over HBoS audits

30 November 2017

Getting to grips with audit quality

The accounting regulator is calling on firms to improve their audit quality control procedures. But how do stakeholders know if a quality audit has been delivered?

1 June 2017

Extended auditor report

Clarity and transparency upgrades for auditors' reports

30 July 2012

US audit watchdog piles on the misery for GT

PCAOB says US firm should not have issued audit opinion in eight audits

2 January 2018

Watching the watchdog

Caroline Biebuyck examines whether audit's system of self regulation is really working

3 July 2012

Assessing audit effectiveness

William Touche at Deloitte asks how audit committees will assess the effectiveness of the external audit process

30 October 2013

Opening the black box of audit

What does the UK’s trailblazing experience in extended auditor reports mean for the future of audit reporting?

8 January 2018

Showing 10 of 144 items