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Ed Monk: Weekly market outlook

In this week’s update: markets brace for an expected rise in US interest rates; stock markets wilt as talk of trade wars builds; Facebook shares suffer as scandal strikes; and the Bank of England meets after a lacklustre update on the nation’s finances.

1 day ago

BoE adopts gender-neutral terms

Changes include the term chair being used instead of chairman or chairwoman

14 December 2017

Inflation rise triggers Bank of England explanation

Inflation rises to 3.1%, the highest its been since March 2012

12 December 2017

RBS fails BoE stress test

Capital inadequacies were also identified at Standard Chartered and Barclays

30 November 2016

A torrid year for Co-op Bank

How will the Co-op Bank change its fortunes in 2015?

23 December 2014

The Financial Services Bill

Will the Financial Services Bill reforms help prevent another crisis?

31 August 2012
Personal Investing

UK economy passes its MOT with a few repairs

If the UK economy was a car, the Bank of England’s Financial Stability Report would be its MOT

6 July 2017

Deloitte and FRC join Women in Finance Charter

All of the Big Four firms and the accountancy regulator have now signed the Treasury’s charter

10 November 2017

Inflation rises to highest level in five years

Inflation in the UK has hit its highest point since April 2012

17 October 2017

Movers and shakers

A round-up of this week's appointments, promotions, board moves and resignations

28 July 2017

Showing 10 of 342 items