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The value of brands to businesses

Businesses can no longer rely on financial performance alone to underpin their value

13 December 2017

EY has UK's fifth most valuable brand

The Big Four firm increased its brand value from £9.7bn in 2016 to £10.3bn in 2017 to move into the top five most valuable brands

27 April 2017

PwC has most valuable brand of Big Four

PwC, Deloitte and EY are three of the top 100 most valuable brands in the world

1 February 2018

The 10 steps towards a successful rebrand

As ICAEW launches its new brand this month, economia looks at the reasons organisations rebrand and how to get it right

7 April 2017

Fast-paced finance: Penny Scott-Bayfield

Condé Nast Britain FD Penny Scott-Bayfield talks about the challenges facing the publishing industry

7 March 2018
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How to invest in jewellery

People often buy beautiful jewellery simply for the pleasure of wearing it, but it can also be a valuable investment

6 December 2017

Calculating the cost of terrorism

How terrorism gives some firms competitive advantages while destroying others

14 September 2016

Tim Williams: a sporting life

Deputy CFO of Inter Milan on the buzz of the entertainment and football industry

20 July 2016

Breaking into management

In the first of our new series focusing on sector-specific business hurdles, we look at the challenges and opportunities shaping the airline industry

8 February 2018

Brand Russia struggles to repair image for World Cup

Russia's officials are desperately hoping that hosting the 2018 football World Cup will generate some goodwill for the country

1 December 2017

Showing 10 of 305 items