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Cyber-attack reports soar by 80%

The number of cyber-attacks reported by financial services organisations rose by more than 80% last year

30 January 2018

The complications of crime in business

Today's business criminals are increasingly difficult to pin down, exploiting new channels and operating across international boundaries

8 February 2018

Business "behind" on web security

Auditors warn that business is not protecting itself adequately

30 October 2014

Combatting cyber warfare

As the frontlines are drawn, who is fighting, and how do you identify the enemy?

6 May 2015

City financial services jobs plummet by a third

Availability of jobs in London plummets by more than half in December among Brexit tensions

11 January 2018

Former Equifax CEO charged with insider trading

The CEO of Equifax is charged by the Commission for trading using information about a data breach before it was made public

15 March 2018

HMRC diverts more than a million malicious websites

The revenue say more than a million visits to phishing websites have been diverted since January

9 October 2017

How to fight financial crime

Today's criminals use computers, not guns, to rob banks

25 February 2016

Cryptocurrencies a headache for police

UK police force does not have the knowledge or expertise to handle crime related to cryptocurrencies, experts warn

29 September 2017

Tales from the frontline

Richard Abbey discusses three decades of investigating fraud

2 September 2015

Showing 10 of 77 items