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FRC investigates Deloitte over Mitie audit

The watchdog will look into the firm’s auditing work on Mitie’s financial statements between 2015 and 2016

31 July 2017

Steinhoff CFO steps down

Steinhoff UK CFO takes over as predecessor leaves board to focus on preserving and procuring group liquidity

5 January 2018

PwC investigates accounting irregularities at Steinhoff

The Poundland owner delayed the publication of its financial results due to the investigation

6 December 2017

FRC probes PwC's audit of Redcentric

Firm being investigated over the misstatement of accounting balances at Redcentric

27 February 2017

WGA and financial transparency

How whole of government accounts improves public finance transparency

2 March 2016

VW scandal: ethics versus profit

Carol Adams examines the Volkswagen scandal and 'green' revenue manipulation

2 December 2015

Could merging National Insurance with income tax have worked?

Peter Bartram takes a look at what might have happened if the alignment project had not been kicked into the long grass

6 January 2017

WGA: the whole story

Unique perspective offered by WGA is fascinating, says Paul Golden

2 September 2016

The ghost of reporting future

While technology has impacted much of our world, annual reports of listed companies are not very different to what they were in 1917

14 December 2017

Connecting to Zimbabwe

This Zimbabwean business is proving that doing good really can lead to doing well

7 March 2018

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