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Business world reacts to new Corporate Governance Code

While the reforms were welcomed, some complained it was not the shake-up of corporate Britain Theresa May promised

16 July 2018

FRC sets out new Corporate Governance Code

The new code will apply from the beginning of next year

16 July 2018

Cracking the corporate governance code

Do the proposed amendments to the corporate governance code deliver the change that is needed?

4 May 2018

Scope and culture of FRC questioned by stakeholders

Regulator needs to overhaul its culture and reform its remit, as it receives mixed messages from the profession

5 days ago

Changes needed so FRC can act faster, says Haddrill

FRC CEO says public expectation of regulators has changed as trust in business has declined

10 July 2018

Corporate fines plummet 94% under Trump

Under the current president fines imposed against corporate violators have dropped across many US agencies

26 July 2018

Diageo is number one for corporate governance

The drinks manufacturer has taken the top spot on the list of UK listed companies

10 October 2017

Mixed response to corporate governance reforms

Government reforms are "feeble" or "pragmatic", depending who you are

29 August 2017

Why corporate governance is about more than executive pay

Liz Loxton discovers what the government’s green paper adds to the corporate governance mix

7 April 2017

Corporate governance for private companies may exclude executive pay

The head of an industry group looking at corporate governance for private companies indicates that executive pay will not be included

27 March 2018

Showing 10 of 822 items