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Corporate governance for private companies may exclude executive pay

The head of an industry group looking at corporate governance for private companies indicates that executive pay will not be included

27 March 2018

FRC unveils “shorter and sharper” corporate governance code

The revised code aims to improve trust in UK business and retain attractiveness of the UK capital market after Brexit

5 December 2017

What is good corporate governance?

Good governance can't again disappear into the background, says Jo Iwasaki

25 November 2014

Mixed response to corporate governance reforms

Government reforms are "feeble" or "pragmatic", depending who you are

29 August 2017

Corporate governance compliance improves

Most FTSE 350 companies now declare full compliance, but there is a lack of informative insight

18 October 2017

Why corporate governance is about more than executive pay

Liz Loxton discovers what the government’s green paper adds to the corporate governance mix

7 April 2017

If I ruled the world

The accounting veteran takes off the straightjacket

25 May 2012

Debate: corporate accountability

Should private companies be held to the same level of accountability as public companies?

5 September 2017

Asset managers drop support for Stewardship Code

Asset managers choose to go rather than engage with FRC to improve code reporting

3 August 2017

The awkward squad

Rebellious shareholders are making life uncomfortable in the boardroom

27 April 2012

Showing 10 of 41 items