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GDP is dead, long live GDP

The alternative means of calculating social progress

4 November 2015

UK economic growth hit by consumer spending squeeze

However the prospect of a more business-friendly Brexit following election result will boost economy in 2018, EY says

17 July 2017

Lib Dem manifesto: the economic policies

Party promises 1p income tax increase to raise £6bn for the NHS and pledges to crack down on tax avoidance

17 May 2017

Professor Sir Charlie Bean Q&A

Sir Charlie Bean on how to tackle the UK's productivity problem

27 April 2016

The irresponsible ECB

Prolonged low interest rates and quantitative easing have created incentives for investors to take inadequately priced risks

17 hours ago

Will the Federal Reserve eat humble pie?

Amid signs of a weakening of core inflation, markets clearly think the Fed was wrong to raise interest rates. Adam Chester examines whether the gamble will pay off

28 June 2017

Giving investors a Trill

Is it time to give GDP-linked bonds a chance?

25 April 2012

Inflation rises to highest level in five years

Inflation in the UK has hit its highest point since April 2012

17 October 2017
Personal Investing

Tom Stevenson: Weekly market outlook

In this week’s market update: And breathe….investors regroup after a traumatic week; all eyes on US inflation; and earnings season shifts focus to Europe

4 days ago

European CFOs gaining confidence

The mood among European CFOs is up, with more than two thirds confident that their firms will increase revenue over the next 12 months

14 November 2017

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