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Leadership: making your own luck

Can you leave good fortune to chance, or is it possible to make your own luck?

5 June 2018

Automation could improve gender equality at work

It’s difficult to know exactly which – and how many – jobs will be affected

13 June 2018

Brexit boosts demand for accountants, says recruiter

While Robert Walter says a boost in wages has been driven by Brexit, others claim it is only creating uncertainty

12 July 2018

Tales from the frontline: Andrew Oury

The co-owner of a record label and partner at Oury Clark shares how he best serves his clients

6 hours ago
Personal Investing

Do you know your retirement target?

Don’t wait to be told how much to save

12 July 2018

Mencap case raises questions about HMRC naming and shaming

Decision that carers on sleep-in shifts not entitled to NMW brings HMRC actions into question

4 days ago

Best practice: the benefits of flexible working

In the latest of our series, Xenia Taliotis looks at how an elastic approach to office hours can be a tool both for recruiting and retaining staff

27 July 2017

PwC UK goes fully mobile

The firm plans to remove landlines from its UK offices by the end of summer

2 July 2018

Why older people will need to work longer

David Adams on why more older people will need to work for longer and what this means for them, their employers and society

8 May 2017

Uber loses employment tribunal appeal

The company lost its appeal to overturn a ruling that will grant its drivers rights including holiday pay and the national minimum wage

10 November 2017

Showing 10 of 5311 items