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Employment rights boosted to help gig economy

Measures include entitlement to holiday and sick pay for those working in the gig economy

7 February 2018

Increase in zero-hours contracts

Despite controvery, business figures say the contracts encourage flexibility

2 September 2015

Fear, loathing and IR35

Reforms that put employment assessment in the hands of public sector bodies have made this controversial legislation even more of a hot topic

27 July 2017

Pimlico Plumbers to fight employment case in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will decide if a plumber was a worker or independent contractor

20 February 2018

Weekly tax update

Technical updates and notices in the tax world over the last week

24 January 2014

HMRC wins IR35 case against BBC presenter

HMRC has won an employment status case against former BBC presenter Christa Ackroyd

15 February 2018

Pimlico Plumbers wins right to appeal employment case

Supreme Court to hear Pimlico Plumbers’ appeal against finding that self-employed plumber in fact employee

8 August 2017

Flexible Balance

In today’s global economy, a country’s labour market can be a source of competitive advantage. But how flexible should a country strive to be?

31 October 2017

Public sector loses top talent to IR35 changes

Contractors are quitting the public sector, with 76% of departments losing their top talent

4 September 2017

Le Pen pledges tax on hiring foreign workers

French presidential candidate says she will levy national preference tax on foreign job contracts

3 February 2017

Showing 10 of 183 items