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HMRC wins IR35 case against BBC presenter

HMRC has won an employment status case against former BBC presenter Christa Ackroyd

15 February 2018

Fear, loathing and IR35

Reforms that put employment assessment in the hands of public sector bodies have made this controversial legislation even more of a hot topic

27 July 2017

Employment rights boosted to help gig economy

Measures include entitlement to holiday and sick pay for those working in the gig economy

7 February 2018

Record £569.3bn tax yield for HMRC

HMRC’s tax take has made its biggest leap since the recession, increasing by £35.6bn in the last year

26 October 2017

BBC presenter reveals high cost of freelance contract

Kirsty Lang says her BBC contract compelled her to work throughout bereavement and cancer treatment

21 March 2018

Regulatory change

The changes affecting pension, taxation and small business this month

2 April 2015

The rise of the precariat

The growing gig economy, is presenting world governments with a slew of issues. Neil Johnson investigates the ramifications of this new way of working

2 June 2017

Iris launches OpenSpace

Iris has launched a free file sharing service designed to make collaboration easier between accountants and clients

6 September 2012

Weekly tax update

Our look at the technical updates and notices in the tax world this week

22 November 2013

The future of National Insurance

The choices facing the government over the future of NI

6 May 2015

Showing 10 of 343 items