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The elusive benefits of flexible exchange rates

Flexible exchange rates do not cushion the economy from shocks, but they have other benefits

14 December 2017

Foreign exchange rate volatility

Discovering why the pound collapsed on the night of 23 June

2 September 2016

The future of UK GAAP

Among the many unknowns in the process of divorce with the EU is what will happen to UK GAAP after Brexit

7 March 2018

Why the hung parliament spells economic turbulence for Britain

Markets hate uncertainty and the economic data reflects the turbulent nature of UK politics, says Mike Ellington

14 June 2017

Central banks bump politics... for the time being

In 2017, currency volatility sparked by central bank actions and interventions will become more pronounced

27 July 2017

Switzerland probes banks over forex

WEKO opens investigation into possible manipulation of foreign exchange rates

31 March 2014

Greg Clark considering independent review of FRC

The business secretary told MPs he believes there is a strong case for reviewing the operations of the FRC

7 hours ago

How to save money and risk

Ways to save on importing, exporting and transferring funds, from FXcompared MD

12 May 2015

New rules for the monetary game

Raghuram Rajan on the need a system fit for the integrated world of this century

21 March 2016

Managing business travel expenses

Tips on how to keep expenses under control while traveling for businesses

11 June 2015

Showing 10 of 2180 items