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Fintech drives 35% increase in trademark applications

A boost in the investment of fintech products has resulted in a record number of registered trademarks

23 October 2017

SEC charges fintech start-up founder with fraud

The fintech company founder has been charged with violation of antifraud and registration provisions

3 April 2018

The future of fintech

Fintech Fortnight seeks to explain the impact on businesses and consumers, as Amy Duff discovers

2 March 2017

Fintech-powered alternative finance

Kevin Vendel outlines why accountants should be helping their SME clients to gain access to alternative finance

8 May 2017
Technology and business

How Fintech is disrupting supply chain finance

UK businesses are currently grappling with a late payments endemic, one that is creating a working capital crisis in the UK

17 August 2017

Treasury committee launches digital currencies inquiry

MPs will examine the risks and opportunities of digital currencies and distributed ledger technology

22 February 2018

Innovation in financial technology

There’s an increasing trend for systems producing digital invoices. If they’re in a format that can be read by another computer, they can be automatically processed

7 March 2018

Spotcap Q&A with Kevin Vendel

How a fintech lender can help you grow your accounting business

16 February 2017

The big read

All you need to know about fintech

6 May 2016

Blockchain: Living up to the hype

Since an initial fall-out, organisations have been quietly forging ahead to develop applications that have the potential to transform business

5 October 2017

Showing 10 of 113 items