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A new approach to infrastructure finance

US lawmakers introduce legislation that, if enacted, will replace the Overseas Private Investment Corporation

14 March 2018

The tax system and infrastructure

Paul Johnson, Institute for Fiscal Studies, says the tax system "can do better"

15 July 2014

How accountants make sure infrastructure projects stay on track

UK infrastructure investment can be a challenging combination of public and private finance and long-term horizons, Nick Martindale finds

7 April 2017

Infrastructure in the USA

Dambisa Moyo on the impact publicly-funded infrastructure could have on workers

2 September 2015

How the government can deliver on infrastructure

Amanda Clack on how the chancellor is focusing on improving productivity through infrastructure

28 March 2017

What the AS means infrastructure

Lots of small initiatives but nothing transformational, says Richard Threlfall

23 November 2016

Infrastructure's class of its own

Asia's leaders should redefine infrastructure as a new asset class

30 April 2014

Autumn Statement predictions

Tax, Brexit and infrastructure take centre stage for Philip Hammond

14 November 2016

Planning for a fair economy

The UK government’s Industrial Strategy explains its vision for an economy that evenly shares growth's benefits

4 April 2018

China's not-so-cruel intentions

Keyu Jin explores China's "one belt, one road" trade initiative and argues the country's intentions are far from malicious

22 May 2017

Showing 10 of 384 items