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Practice management

Small firms can be affected by cyber security breaches too

5 September 2014

Protect your information

Who’s been looking at your data? David Adams finds out how to keep sensitive information secure from cyber thieves

3 December 2012

Business "behind" on web security

Auditors warn that business is not protecting itself adequately

30 October 2014
Technology and business

Why biometric security may not be as safe as you think

Will retina ID as a means of authentication be really that secure, ask Etienne Greeff and Richard Parris

17 August 2017

Combatting cyber warfare

As the frontlines are drawn, who is fighting, and how do you identify the enemy?

6 May 2015

Cyber threats: ghost in the machine

How firms can protect their business from the latest threats to their IT systems

6 October 2016

SEC charges fintech start-up founder with fraud

The fintech company founder has been charged with violation of antifraud and registration provisions

3 April 2018

Innovation in financial technology

There’s an increasing trend for systems producing digital invoices. If they’re in a format that can be read by another computer, they can be automatically processed

7 March 2018

Government must learn lessons of WannaCry, says PAC

NHS ignored alerts from digital team and was hit hard by ransomware attack

6 days ago

Government to punish operators for slack cyber security

Essential service operators will face fines for failing to comply with a new directive on cyber security

8 August 2017

Showing 10 of 268 items