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The irresponsible ECB

Prolonged low interest rates create incentives for investors to take inadequately priced risks

19 February 2018

Banker warned over rate-fixing

FCA has warned a banker for influencing interest rate benchmark submissions

27 February 2014

Asia’s central banks must prepare to raise interest rates

Financial markets around Asia are preparing for a Goldilocks economy in 2018 – not too hot, not too cold

25 January 2018

Interesting times

Liz Loxton on how accountants should be preparing clients for the rate rise

5 March 2014

Zombie debt for a zombie economy

Jo Owen on the effects of the Bank of England's continued low interest rates and quantative easing

30 November 2012
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Ed Monk: Weekly market outlook

In this week’s update: markets brace for an expected rise in US interest rates; stock markets wilt as talk of trade wars builds; Facebook shares suffer as scandal strikes; and the Bank of England meets after a lacklustre update on the nation’s finances.

1 day ago

London business rates to rocket

Rates set to increase by 11%, increasing the tax take by over £700m

30 September 2016

Central banks bump politics... for the time being

In 2017, currency volatility sparked by central bank actions and interventions will become more pronounced

27 July 2017
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Investors can’t ignore the risks of an inflation jolt

The market’s recent correction has been blamed on three factors. Investors can’t do much about two of them

23 February 2018

Inflation rises to highest level in five years

Inflation in the UK has hit its highest point since April 2012

17 October 2017

Showing 10 of 887 items