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Miller plans to sue FCA over EU regulation

Gina Miller is planning to take legal action over the watchdog's handling of MiFID II

16 January 2018
Personal Investing

Tom Stevenson: Weekly market outlook

In this week’s market update: And breathe….investors regroup after a traumatic week; all eyes on US inflation; and earnings season shifts focus to Europe

3 days ago

The challenges of keeping your surveillance systems up to date

Market, regulatory and commercial changes demand such systems are regularly updated and do not negatively affect day-to-day operations. Paul Golden reports

2 June 2017

Predictive powers

ICAEW is set to update its well regarded guidance for preparing prospective financial information such as forecasts and projections.

5 December 2017

Sitting on the bench

If benchmarks are undermined, what does a financial system fall back on?

31 March 2014

Jonathan Faull

Strengthening the financial markets is vital for competitiveness

31 October 2014

New regulations and how accountants can help clients

How can accountants help their clients stay within the law, asks Liz Loxton

8 May 2017

What makes a financial institution?

What new disclosures GAAP could mean for treasury companies

4 November 2015

Breakthrough or bust

Jason Cowley shares his view from Westminster

22 March 2012

A guide to financial planning

Financial planning offers excellent potential for accountants as an additional revenue stream, but you need your own plan

2 March 2017

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