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UK owes EU £2.4bn from import fraud

The European Commission sends a letter of formal notice to the UK, saying the country owes the EU £2.4bn

9 March 2018

Keeping it clean

Blowing the whistle on a client is a legal requirement where money laundering is concerned

1 October 2012

Where business is complicated

Can exporters guage what the new global middle classes want, asks Marianna Koli

4 November 2015

Accountant allegedly launders £2m from Bermuda

An accountant from Wales faces allegations of laundering money taken from the government of Bermuda

9 January 2018

Protect your information

Who’s been looking at your data? David Adams finds out how to keep sensitive information secure from cyber thieves

3 December 2012

What you need to know about Unexplained Wealth Orders

Accountants and tax advisers have to understand how UWOs work and why their clients might be at risk

13 February 2018

Is UK AML fatally flawed?

David Kirk and Chris Ives go head to head in October's economia magazine debate

24 September 2015

Cryptocurrencies a headache for police

UK police force does not have the knowledge or expertise to handle crime related to cryptocurrencies, experts warn

29 September 2017

Accountants are gatekeepers to economy

The profession has a vital role to play, says Michael Izza

7 December 2016

How firms can step up the fight against corporate crime

Caroline Biebuyck examines how small and medium-sized practitioners keep up with their responsibilities

2 March 2017

Showing 10 of 60 items