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Women in leadership falling off “glass cliff”

After making it to the boardroom, women find themselves disproportionately represented in untenable leadership positions

13 April 2018

Profile: Constantinos Christofides

University of Cyprus rector on making the establishment ecologically self-sustaining and financially self-sufficient

7 December 2016

Corporate crowdfunding

In this month's essay we look at how corporations can gain from crowdfunding

5 January 2016

AstraZeneca appoints new CFO

AstraZeneca has appointed Marc Dunoyer as chief financial officer

31 October 2013

Budget 2017: experts respond

Cuts to growth and productivity forecasts overshadow a Budget speech that promised more money for workers and more support for first-time buyers

22 November 2017

SMEs owed £84bn in R&D tax relief

The Treasury owes Britain’s small businesses more than £84bn in backdated research and development tax relief

19 January 2018

Greater scrutiny needed on tax relief

More was spent on it than the budgets of the health, transport, justice, home and foreign office departments combined

23 January 2018

Planning for a fair economy

The UK government’s Industrial Strategy explains its vision for an economy that evenly shares growth's benefits

4 April 2018

Sector profile: space

Nick Martindale explores a sector that’s firmly back in fashion

8 December 2016

The rise of the portfolio career

Sandra Haurant asks: why have one job when you can have many?

28 October 2016

Showing 10 of 838 items