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Accountants want salary increase

Accountants said the economic conditions have had an impact on job satisfaction

27 February 2018

FTSE 100 CEO pay falls to £3.5m

The drop in pay shows that remuneration committees are addressing shareholder concerns

21 August 2017

Three quarters of accountants expect pay rises

While accountants expect rises in wages and bonuses, 37% of employers do not plan to increase them

1 day ago

Women accountants earning less

Average basic salary for women in accountancy is 83% of male colleagues

29 February 2016

LSE and City University graduates are the best paid

Graduates from LSE and City University paid £38,000 and £36,000 respectively, ahead even of Oxford and Cambridge

14 July 2017

Accountants to see biggest pay rise in 2018

Accountants and finance leaders are expected to experience the greatest salary increases of all professionals in 2018

18 January 2018

City pay on the rise

Pay in financial services increases by four times average rate of other professional staffing agencies

27 April 2017

Best places for accountancy careers

An analysis of the best cities/countries for an accountant to grow their career

15 April 2015

Data scientists among best-paid tech professionals

As the demand for data scientists outgrows supply, they can earn £53,000 annually with only six years of experience

23 October 2017

Europe's illiberal establishment

It is time for progressives to join forces and reclaim democracy from an establishment that has lost its way and endangered European unity

3 April 2017

Showing 10 of 244 items