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Accountants want salary increase

Accountants said the economic conditions have had an impact on job satisfaction

27 February 2018

Millennials prioritise job security over higher salaries

Young people staying longer in their current jobs than previous generations and missing out on significant pay rises

23 February 2017

Accountancy job vacancies and salaries rise

Available jobs in the accounting sector in Q1 were up by almost a quarter year-on-year

24 April 2018

Corbyn under fire over tax return shambles

Jeremy Corbyn criticised after supplement Labour leader earnings were filed under pensions section of his tax return

6 March 2017

FTSE 100 CEO pay falls to £3.5m

The drop in pay shows that remuneration committees are addressing shareholder concerns

21 August 2017

Pay static among ICAEW members

Average chartered accoutants' salary stays flat but gender pay gap narrows

26 March 2013

Women accountants earning less

Average basic salary for women in accountancy is 83% of male colleagues

29 February 2016

Newly qualified accountants in high demand

Despite the tough market, firms are still facing “severe” candidate shortages in certain sectors

24 February 2017

Pay and job prospects improving

Salaries rise by 13% over year for management accountants, CIMA research has revealed

30 October 2013

Three quarters of accountants expect pay rises

While accountants expect rises in wages and bonuses, 37% of employers do not plan to increase them

22 March 2018

Showing 10 of 311 items