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Workplace discrimination costs UK £127bn per year

Discrimination based on gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation leads to £127bn in lost output

22 February 2018

Gender pay gap is a “burning injustice”, says PM

Theresa May pledges to fight against the gender pay gap ahead of midnight reporting deadline

4 April 2018

Gender pay gap is 17% at top 20 UK accountancy firms

The 20 largest firms had a slightly better average compared to the 10,000 UK businesses that reported

5 April 2018

Gender pay gap largest for women over 50

The gender pay gap is widest after 50, as women over this age are paid nearly £8,500 less a year on average

23 March 2018

Realigning gender imbalance

Mark Freebairn argues that we all need to address the issue of gender imbalance at the top of business

29 June 2012

Businesses face unlimited fines over gender pay gap

Employers told they could receive unlimited fines if they fail to report their gender pay gap

26 March 2018

BBC Women reject gender pay gap report

Members of the broadcaster lobby group say they are “gobsmacked” by the PwC’s findings

1 February 2018

HSBC reveals highest gender pay gap in UK

The bank said its male staff are paid two and half times more than female workers

16 March 2018

Women in accountancy

How does the profession compare in the gender bias debate?

29 May 2014

Gender equality quotas

Are quotas the best way to challenge discrimination in politics and workplaces?

28 September 2016

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