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HMRC raises £281m from DPT

The Revenue boosted its take from diverted profits tax this year, but failed to hit targets on dispute resolution

13 September 2017

Amazon settles tax dispute in Italy

The tech giant agreed to pay €100m back in taxes from the years between 2011 and 2015

18 December 2017

SMEs hit by HMRC tax crackdown

SMEs say they are feeling the force of HMRC’s crackdown on failure to pay tax

5 June 2018

HMRC withdraws APNs

Revenue forced to withdraw accelerated payment notices after judicial review

31 May 2016

Damage of evolving the UK

Who in the UK will benefit from it, and can any region afford it?

4 March 2015

HMRC joins international tax crime crack-down

The UK government in tie up with Australia, US, Canada and the Netherlands to fight tax crime and money laundering

3 July 2018

Serious tax evasion cases up almost a fifth

The number of tax evasion cases investigated by HMRC has risen by 18% over the last year to 3,809

29 May 2018

How to spend it

An increase in IHT relief for those leaving 10% to charities is swelling their coffers. But if relatives unexpectedly leave more,will this mean more disputed wills?

8 September 2017

HMRC's APN yield up 21% to £1.3bn

HMRC is accused of using a "shoot first and ask questions later" policy on accelerated payment notices

18 September 2017

The best way to campaign on tax

After a protest at David Hartnett's retirement party, what is the best way to raise disputes over tax?

27 September 2012

Showing 10 of 229 items