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Shakira investigated for alleged tax evasion in Spain

Shakira could face a tax bill of tens of millions of euros following an investigation by the Spanish authorities

23 January 2018

Escort agency owner jailed over tax evasion

The woman evaded £212,000 in taxes by claiming she was unemployed while running the club

18 October 2017

How HMRC is tackling offshore tax evasion

Paul Golden considers the potential implications of the Revenue’s latest initiative

2 March 2017

HMRC takes on off-shore tax evasion

The Revenue has introduced new criminal offences targeting individuals who evade their UK income tax or capital gains tax responsibilities

26 October 2017

Avoidance or evasion?

Views on tax planning: is avoidance a fair interpretation of the rules?

3 September 2012

HMRC tackles tax evasion

HMRC plans to raise an additional £7.2bn of revenue over the next five years

8 December 2015

Accessory to evasion

It’s no longer enough not to advise clients on ways to evade paying tax and HMRC has made it an offence to fail to prevent anyone else doing so

2 November 2017

Global clamp down on tax evasion

A revolution in taxpayer information is on the horizon, writes Amy Duff

18 June 2014

Ronaldo attends tax case hearing

The footballer is being accused of evading £13m in taxes in Spain

31 July 2017

Footballer Glenn Murray arrested for tax evasion

Brighton player and his wife were arrested in connection with a suspected £1.1m tax fraud

25 January 2018

Showing 10 of 206 items