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Sir Bradley Wiggins invested in the Cup Trust

The Tour de France winner is accused of investing in the Cup Trust, which was later found to be an avoidance scheme

8 March 2018

American rules

Looking at how US legislation found its way into the UK

4 June 2014

PAC slams tax industry

MPs say tax industry cannot be trusted to self regulate

6 February 2015

Labour calls for inquiry into Lord Ashcroft tax affairs

John McDonnell said government should investigate the Tory donor’s non-dom status and launch a full public inquiry into tax avoidance

7 November 2017

EC tech tax proposals: turnover tax versus trade tariffs?

RSM’s George Bull discuses the impact of the proposed digital tax and the possible retaliation of the US government

23 March 2018

Trust in the profession is fragile

A good reputation is hard to build, but easy to destroy, writes Sony Kapoor

4 November 2015

Google UK to pay £50m tax bill

The multinational’s tax bill increased by almost £13m from 2016 to 2017

29 March 2018

FRC concludes Cup Trust investigation

ICAEW member banned for 10 years and fined £70,000 as a result of probe into the charity's tax planning

12 June 2017

The battle to rebuild trust starts here

After a series of high-profile scandals, the reputation of capitalism and business has taken a hit, but change could be on the way

8 January 2018

Taxation and the election

Thomson Reuters examines which party has earned your vote on taxation

8 June 2017

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