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Deloitte to face court over Hezbollah-linked bank audit

A group of shareholders in failed Lebanese Canadian Bank win right to have case against auditors Deloitte heard in Dubai

3 days ago

Government brings in Deloitte to monitor Interserve

The Big Four firm is asked to advise on the ailing support services group and previous Carillon rival

4 days ago

Steinhoff shareholders to sue auditors Deloitte

Shareholders at scandal-hit Steinhoff International have launched legal proceedings against the business and its auditors Deloitte

1 February 2018

Second Deloitte firm fined for altering audit documents

Deloitte Turkey fined for trying to pull wool over PCAOB's eyes ahead of an audit inspection

21 December 2017

Deloitte follows rivals into legal services market

The firm expresses desire to expand legal services to compete with other firms, and will apply for ABS license

10 January 2018

Deloitte buys Swedish creative ad agency Acne

Deloitte has strengthened its creative services arm with its purchase of European award-winning digital agency Acne

17 August 2017

Deloitte recruit into the Kiwi lifestyle

SPONSORED FEATURE: At Deloitte New Zealand, we create a much better impact in the world for our clients than our size would suggest.

8 January 2018

Deloitte and FRC join Women in Finance Charter

All of the Big Four firms and the accountancy regulator have now signed the Treasury’s charter

10 November 2017

Deloitte apologises to May over Brexit memo

The Big Four firm has apologised over a leaked memo which heavily criticised the government’s Brexit strategy

21 December 2016

Deloitte acquires LRA Worldwide

Deloitte acquires global provider of brand and customer measurement services

30 June 2015

Showing 10 of 756 items